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Release notes



  • JMX configuration of Brokers is automatically detected via Zookeeper
  • Allow deletion of Schema Registry entries
  • Support Namespaces in Kubernetes pods
  • Better consumer instances grouping
  • Improved error messages and exception propagation
  • Improved Health-checks for Kafka Brokers
  • Alerts on Kafka Connect connector instances
  • BINARY keyword for payload type has been changed to BYTES
  • Lenses SQL processor validates source topics exists before a Kafka Stream is executed
  • Dashboard improvements: richer information related to running services: Kafka Broker, Connect workers, Zookeeper nodes
  • Better resilience & resource handling (CPU, Mem, File Descriptors) under partial infrastructure failures
  • _ktype/_vtype parameters can now be set without quotations.


  • Browsing AVRO topics with payloads containing nested optional records fields
  • Allows for keywords (_ktype/_vtype/_sample) to be used in filter regardless of them being left or right operand
  • Fully operational streaming filter SQL processors i.e. INSERT .. SELECT .. WHERE tableA.fieldA < 40
  • Processor topology corrected for KTable-to-KTable join
  • Handle Avro schemas with ENUM values

Special thanks to Yury Liavitski, Adrien De Kermadec, Hugh O’Brien, Dejan Miljkovic for extended feedback