Why SQL for StreamingΒΆ

Our goal is to provide self-serviced SQL based operational capabilities (SQL-Ops) to organizations and teams that want to leverage existing skills and do not want to worry about the complexity of Apache Kafka. When using Kafka, people need a way to easily visualize their data. Lenses SQL is addressing the data blindness Kafka comes with. Enterprise-grade streaming requires more than just data visualization, it requires joining, filtering and aggregation of data streams in order to provide real-time insights and reports. Until now, to achieve this with Apache Kafka requires developer skillsets (Java, Scala, Kotlin, or any Java Virtual Machine based language) and quite a steep learning curve for mastering the Kafka Streams API.

In addition, Lenses goes a step further and takes care of deployment and monitoring of real-time stream processing with SQL. This is done while meeting enterprise requirements for security, auditing and data governance. Integration with Kubernetes, the de facto container orchestration framework, provides the scalability and fault tolerance mission-critical applications require.

Lenses contains all the Data Ops building blocks for operating real-time data in production, giving leverage to your team to focus on the business requirements rather than the platform infrastructure and learning new technologies. It simplifies real-time analytics by encapsulating the underlying complexity of data management operations, and provides significant cost savings and significantly faster times to implementation.

The SQL engine for Apache Kafka which enterprises need

Using SQL in an enterprise environment needs to adhere to i) access control, ii) compliance and iii) regulation policies. This spans beyond the scope of securing access to the process executing the code. In a corporate environment, people have access to some topics and are restricted to others. Secure by design, Lenses makes sure user restrictions rules are easy to manage and be applied.

Traceability is another requirement. It is paramount to know Who has accessed the data and When. Therefore, all queries, regardless of being table-based or streaming ones, are tracked and audited.

Lenses platform empowers you with all the necessary protections, fine-grained access, and security, as well as data governance capabilities your organization needs.