Product Overview

Lenses is a data platform giving you visibility and full control over your real-time data. It allows you to manage enterprise-scale data-operations and enables data stewards, analysts or scientists, and application developers alike to engage with any company data appropriate to their role, using their preferred technology stack. Lenses accomplishes this while obeying security and regulatory-based access limitations.

Lenses works on top of Apache Kafka, bringing your data together on a common platform, enabling observability, data visualization, real-time processing, and self-service scalability over Kubernetes.

As a data platform over complex distributed infrastructure, Lenses provides all the necessary monitoring to make sure you never miss an SLA while integrating with other enterprise monitoring platforms.

Why Lenses

Let’s agree: You have probably many storage and management systems for your data at rest. They might be a warehouse, a search engine, a time series databases and so on. Data moves through simple or complex pipelines between various systems and microservices managed by various teams to drive your business.

Business Challenges

Adopting modern technologies to accommodate such requirements means investing time and training to shift to a whole new ecosystem of distributed real-time systems. It requires building a DevOps mindset and capability while redefining production readiness and compliance.

Technical Challenges

Continuously integrating and processing enterprise data in real time, becomes a hard requirement for your development team. Discoverability, Accessibility and Self-service integration over modern distributed infrastructures, can cause a distraction from building business value.

The Platform

Lenses is your default browser for data-in-motion

Lenses leverages two powerful open source engines, Apache Kafka and Kubernetes, to help you build the Data Highway within your organization. It covers the requirements of a modern platform for data-in-motion to enable observability and data movement while leveraging SQL. It provides self-service data operations to manage real-time data pipelines at scale. Fine-grained data access and governance are first class citizens across the platform, to ensure support for multi-tenant environments and data protection.

  • Get Rapid Time to Value
  • Increase Team Productivity
  • Reduce Cost & Risk
  • Use current skills
  • Enterprise Ready Governance

Open up your data, fearlessly

Lenses allows all applications and users in your enterprise to access data-in-motion. JDBC connectivity and clients for Python, Golang, and Redux are all supported.

Roles Fit

Data Engineers

Analysts & Data Scientists

Security & Compliance

Operations & Infrastructure

Data Visibility and Control

View, Query, Subscribe to Kafka Topics, Manage Schemas and monitor the Data Consumers.

Connect Data Store

Lenses supports every Kafka Connector. There are more than 100 available open-source connectors.

Process Data with SQL

Run and operate streaming SQL executed as KStreams consuming and producing data. View you topologies, with built-in monitoring. Works with your Kubernetes and Microservices for your end to end pipelines.

Data Visibility and Control

View, Query, Subscribe to Kafka Topics, Manage Schemas and monitor the Data Consumers.

Rich Ecosystem

Use the open-source Lenses libraries with Python (and Data Science Notebooks), or JDBC driver (connect your BI tools, Spark Jobs) and Javascript (build web apps).

Monitoring & Alerting

Monitor end-to-end pipelines and low level operations in Kafka. Lenses integrates with Prometheus, Grafana and Alert Manager to set up custom Alerts for Healthchecks, Applications, Consumers etc.

Data Governance

Lenses provides auditing on user activity, access and provides full and visible lineage of your cluster. Compliance settings, Anonymise fields, Manage Schemas support.

Admin Operations & Security

Fine grained Access controls support via LDAP, Kerberos, Active Directory, TLS Certificates, ACLs, Quotas. Whitelisting and Blacklisting capabilities.

Fits your CI/CD

Use the Lenses APIs or CLI tool to extract configurations as code, and also drive your CI/CD pipelines.

Development Friendly, Cloud Ready

Lenses box contains all the required services to enable you to start developing Kafka applications instantly, whereas Lenses itself integrates natively with Kubernetes, and Cloud discovery helps you setup and operate cloud ready data pipelines.