Release Notes


  • Move to Scala 2.12
  • Move to Kafka 2.4.1 and Confluent 5.4
  • Druid Sink (not scala 2.12 compatible)
  • Elastic Sink (not scala 2.12 compatible)
  • Elastic5 Sink(not scala 2.12 compatible)
  • Redis * Add support for Redis Streams
  • Cassandra * Add support for setting the LoadBalancer policy on the Cassandra Sink
  • ReThinkDB * Use SSL connection on Rethink initialize tables is ssl set
  • FTP Source * Respect “connect.ftp.max.poll.records” when reading slices
  • MQTT Source * Allow lookup of avro schema files with wildcard subscriptions

1.2.7 Features * MQTT Source

Support dynamic topic names in Kafka from a wildcard subscription.

Example: INSERT INTO $ SELECT * FROM /mqttSourceTopic/+/test

If the MQTT topic is /mqttSourceTopic/A/test this Will result in topics in kafka mqttSourceTopic_A_test

  • Cassandra (source) * Support for sending JSON formatted message (with string key) to kafka topic.

    Sample KCQL would be like:

    INSERT INTO <topic> SELECT <fields> FROM <column_family> PK <PK_field> WITHFORMAT JSON WITHUNWRAP INCREMENTALMODE=<mode> WITHKEY(<key_field>)

    This would send field’s values as JSON object to the said topic.

    Note that in kafka connect properties one needs to set key.converter and value.converter as

    • Added a new INCREMENTALMODE called dsesearchtimestamp that will make a DSE Search queries using Solr instead of a native Cassandra query.

      Instead of the native query:

      SELECT a, b, c, d FROM keyspace.table WHERE pkCol > ? AND pkCol <= ? ALLOW FILTERING; We will have now the query with Solr on the dsesearchtimestamp INCREMENTALMODE:

      SELECT a, b, c, d FROM keyspace.table WHERE solr_query=?; Where the solr_query will be something like this:

      pkCol:{2020-03-23T15:02:21Z TO 2020-03-23T15:30:12.989Z]

  • AzureDocumentDB

    • Move to version 2.x since 1.x is deprecated in May 2020

Bug fixes

  • JMS Source

    Allow for tasks parallelization and how the connector tasks parallelization is decided.

    Changes: * Allow the connector to respect the tasks.max value provided if the user connect.jms.scale.type. Available values are kcql and default. If KCQL is provided it will be based on the number of KCQL statements written, otherwise it will be driven based on the connector tasks.max

  • Kudu Sink

    Handle null decimal types correctly

  • Mongo Sink

    Handle decimal types

1.2.4 Bug fixes

  • JMS Source

    Ack the JMS messages was not always possible. Also there was an issue with producing the messages to Kafka out of order from the JMS queue. Changes:

    • Queue messages order are retained when published to Kafka (although they might be routed to different partitions)
    • Ack happens for each message. This is a change from previous behaviour.
    • Records which fail to be committed to Kafka are not ack-ed on JMS side

1.2.3 Features

  • Influx * Support for referencing _key values * Support Unix timestamp as double
  • MQTT * Replicate shared subscription to all tasks * Add sink config to specify retained messages * Add a config to specify retained messages
  • Hazelcast * SSL support
  • MongoDB * SSL support * Removing database name dashes restriction
  • FTP * FTPS support

Bug fixes * Hive

  • Fix for writing nested structures to Hive
  • Improves the code for the async function call to use the CAS

1.2.2 Features

  • Redis * TTL Support * SSL support * AWS ElasticCache support * GEOADD support * PUB/SUB support
  • MQTT * Multi server connection * Dynamic Target support
  • Hive * Kerberos support
  • Kudu * Comma separated master endpoints

Bug fixes

  • Redis * Topic regex
  • JMS * Filters out Kafka records with null value
  • Cassandra * Timestamp comparison * PK check for incremental
  • Mongo * Memory leak


  • Fixed Set support on the Cassandra source connector
  • Support Array type in InfluxDB connector
  • Fixed records out of order when insert on the Kudu sink connector
  • Upgrade to kafka 2.1.0
  • Added support for custom delimiter in composite primary keys on the Redis sink connector

1.2.0 (25 Dec 2018)

  • Upgrade to Kafka 2.0
  • New Hive source and sink connector supporting Avro, Parquet and ORC
  • Redis connector support for custom delimiters in composite keys
  • Fix on NPE for Redis multiple sorted sets
  • Fixed setting MongoDB primary _id field in upsert mode
  • Fix on handling multiple topics in Redis sort set
  • Fixed MongoDB sink exception when PK is compound key
  • Fixed JMS sink with password is not working, wrong context
  • Fixed handling multiple primary keys for sorted sets
  • Fixed Kudu sink autocreate adding unnecessary partition
  • Fixed Avro field with default value does not create table in Kudu
  • Fixed Kudu Connector Can Not AutoCreate Table from Sink Record
  • Fixed JMS sink session rollback exception if session is closed

1.1.0 (14 May 2018)

GitHub - Downloads - Docker - Helm

  • Upgrade to Kafka 1.1.0
  • Added SSL, subscription, partitioning, batching and key selection to Pulsar source and sink
  • Elastic6 connector @caiooliveiraeti !
  • HTTP Basic Auth for Elasticsearch http client thanks @justinsoong !
  • Add polling timeout on the JMS source connector to avoid high CPU in the source connector poll thanks #373 @matthedude
  • Fixes on the elastic primary key separator thanks @caiooliveiraeti!
  • Fix on the MQTT class loader
  • Fix on the JMS class loader
  • Fix on JMS to close down connections cleanly #363 thanks @matthedude!
  • Fix on MQTT to correctly handle authentication
  • Moved MongoDB batch size to KCQL. connect.mongodb.batch.size is deprecated
  • Added to treat maps, list, sets as JSON when inserting into Cassandra
  • Added support for Elastic Pipelines thanks @caiooliveiraeti!
  • Moved ReThinkDB batch size to KCQL connect.rethink.batch.size is deprecated
  • MQTT source allows full control of matching the topic INSERT INTO targetTopic SELECT * FROM mqttTopic … WITHREGEX=`$THE_REGEX `
  • Upgrade Kudu Client to 0.7
  • Upgrade Azure documentDB client to 1.16.0
  • Upgrade Elastic5 to elastic4s 5.6.5
  • Upgrade Elastic6 to elastic4s 6.2.5
  • Upgrade Hazelcast client to 3.10
  • Upgrade InfluxDB client to 2.9
  • Upgrade MongoDB client to 3.6.3
  • Upgrade Redis client to 2.9
  • Kudu connector now accepts a comma separated list of master addresses
  • Added missing connect.elastic.retry.interval to elastic5 and elastic6
  • Added a default value set property to Cassandra to allow DEFAULT UNSET to be added on insert. Omitted columns from maps default to null. Alternatively, if set UNSET, pre-existing value will be preserved
  • Cassandra source batch size now in KCQL. connect.cassandra.batch.size is deprecated .

1.0.0 (18 Jan 2018)

  • Kafka 1.0.0 support

0.4.0 (16 Jan 2018)

  • Add FTPS support to FTP connector, new configuration option ftp.protocol introduced, either FTP (default) or FTPS.
  • Fix for MQTT source High CPU Thanks @masahirom!
  • Improve logging on Kudu
  • Added Helm Chart generator
  • DELETE functionality add to the Cassandra sink, deletion now possible for null payloads, thanks @sandonjacobs !
  • Fix in kafka-connect-common to handle primary keys with doc strings thanks, @medvekoma !
  • Fix writing multiple topics to the same table in Cassandra #284
  • Upgrade to Cassandra driver 3.3.0 and refactor Cassandra tests
  • Fix on JMS source transacted queues #285 thanks @matthedude !
  • Fix on Cassandra source, configurable timespan queries. You can now control the timespan the Connector will query for
  • Allow setting initial query timestamp on Cassandra source
  • Allow multiple primary keys on the redis sink

0.3.0 (1 Sept 2017)


  • Upgrade CoAP to 2.0.0-M4
  • Upgrade to Confluent 3.3 and Kafka
  • Added MQTT Sink.
  • Add MQTT wildcard support.
  • Upgrade CoAP to 2.0.0-M4.
  • Added WITHCONVERTERS and WITHTYPE to JMS and MQTT connectors in KCQL to simplify configuration.
  • Add flush mode to Kudu sink with a PR from @patsak. Thanks

0.2.6 (1 Sept 2017)


  • Upgrade to Confluent 3.2.2
  • Upgrade to KCQL 2x
  • Add CQL generator to Cassandra source
  • Add KCQL INCREMENTALMODE support to the Cassandra source, bulk mode and the timestamp column type is now take from KCQL
  • Support for setting key and truststore type on Cassandra connectors
  • Added token based paging support for Cassandra source
  • Added default bytes converter to JMS Source
  • Added default connection factory to JMS Source
  • Added support for SharedDurableConsumers to JMS Connectors
  • Upgraded JMS Connector to JMS 2.0
  • Moved to Elastic4s 2.4
  • Added Elastic5s with TCP, TCP+XPACK and HTTP client support
  • Upgrade Azure DocumentDB to 1.11.0
  • Added optional progress counter to all connectors, it can be enabled with connect.progress.enabled which will periodically report log messages processed
  • Added authentication and TLS to ReThink Connectors
  • Added TLS support for ReThinkDB, add batch size option to source for draining the internal queues.
  • Upgrade Kudu Client to 1.4.0
  • Support for dates in Elastic Indexes and custom document types
  • Upgrade Connect CLI to 1.0.2 (Renamed to connect-cli)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes for high CPU on CoAP source
  • Fixes for high CPU on Cassandra source
  • Fixed AVRO double fields mapping to Kudu columns
  • Fixes on JMS properties converter, Invalid schema when extracting properties


  • Refactored Cassandra Tests to use only one embedded instance
  • Removed unused batch size and bucket size options from Kudu, they are taken from KCQL
  • Removed unused batch size option from DocumentDb
  • Rename Azure DocumentDb connect.documentdb.db to connect.documentdb.db
  • Rename Azure DocumentDb connect.documentdb.database.create to connect.documentdb.db.create
  • Rename Cassandra Source connect.cassandra.source.kcql to connect.cassandra.kcql
  • Rename Cassandra Source connect.cassandra.source.timestamp.type to connect.cassandra.timestamp.type
  • Rename Cassandra Source connect.cassandra.source.import.poll.interval to connect.cassandra.import.poll.interval
  • Rename Cassandra Source connect.cassandra.source.error.policy to connect.cassandra.error.policy
  • Rename Cassandra Source connect.cassandra.source.max.retries to connect.cassandra.max.retries
  • Rename Cassandra Sink connect.cassandra.source.retry.interval to connect.cassandra.retry.interval
  • Rename Cassandra Sink connect.cassandra.sink.kcql to connect.cassandra.kcql
  • Rename Cassandra Sink connect.cassandra.sink.error.policy to connect.cassandra.error.policy
  • Rename Cassandra Sink connect.cassandra.sink.max.retries to connect.cassandra.max.retries
  • Rename Cassandra Sink Sink connect.cassandra.sink.retry.interval to connect.cassandra.retry.interval
  • Rename Coap Source connect.coap.bind.port to connect.coap.port
  • Rename Coap Sink connect.coap.bind.port to connect.coap.port
  • Rename Coap Source to
  • Rename Coap Sink to
  • Rename MongoDB connect.mongo.database to connect.mongo.db
  • Rename MongoDB connect.mongo.sink.batch.size to connect.mongo.batch.size
  • Rename Druid connect.druid.sink.kcql to connect.druid.kcql
  • Rename Druid connect.druid.sink.conf.file to connect.druid.kcql
  • Rename Druid connect.druid.sink.write.timeout to connect.druid.write.timeout
  • Rename Elastic connect.elastic.sink.kcql to connect.elastic.kcql
  • Rename HBase to
  • Rename HBase connect.hbase.sink.kcql to connect.hbase.kcql
  • Rename HBase connect.hbase.sink.error.policy to connect.hbase.error.policy
  • Rename HBase connect.hbase.sink.max.retries to connect.hbase.max.retries
  • Rename HBase connect.hbase.sink.retry.interval to connect.hbase.retry.interval
  • Rename Influx connect.influx.sink.kcql to connect.influx.kcql
  • Rename Influx connect.influx.connection.user to connect.influx.username
  • Rename Influx connect.influx.connection.password to connect.influx.password
  • Rename Influx connect.influx.connection.database to connect.influx.db
  • Rename Influx connect.influx.connection.url to connect.influx.url
  • Rename Kudu connect.kudu.sink.kcql to connect.kudu.kcql
  • Rename Kudu connect.kudu.sink.error.policy to connect.kudu.error.policy
  • Rename Kudu connect.kudu.sink.retry.interval to connect.kudu.retry.interval
  • Rename Kudu connect.kudu.sink.max.retries to connect.kudu.max.reties
  • Rename Kudu connect.kudu.sink.schema.registry.url to connect.kudu.schema.registry.url
  • Rename Redis connect.redis.connection.password to connect.redis.password
  • Rename Redis connect.redis.sink.kcql to connect.redis.kcql
  • Rename Redis to
  • Rename Redis connect.redis.connection.port to connect.redis.port
  • Rename ReThink to
  • Rename ReThink connect.rethink.source.port to connect.rethink.port
  • Rename ReThink connect.rethink.source.db to connect.rethink.db
  • Rename ReThink connect.rethink.source.kcql to connect.rethink.kcql
  • Rename ReThink Sink to
  • Rename ReThink Sink connect.rethink.sink.port to connect.rethink.port
  • Rename ReThink Sink connect.rethink.sink.db to connect.rethink.db
  • Rename ReThink Sink connect.rethink.sink.kcql to connect.rethink.kcql
  • Rename JMS connect.jms.user to connect.jms.username
  • Rename JMS connect.jms.converters.source to connect.jms.converters
  • Remove JMS connect.jms.converters and replace my kcql withConverters
  • Remove JMS connect.jms.queues and replace my kcql withType=QUEUE
  • Remove JMS connect.jms.topics and replace my kcql withType=TOPIC
  • Rename Mqtt connect.mqtt.source.kcql to connect.mqtt.kcql
  • Rename Mqtt connect.mqtt.user to connect.mqtt.username
  • Rename Mqtt connect.mqtt.hosts to connect.mqtt.connection.hosts
  • Remove Mqtt connect.mqtt.converters and replace my kcql withConverters
  • Remove Mqtt connect.mqtt.queues and replace my kcql withType=QUEUE
  • Remove Mqtt connect.mqtt.topics and replace my kcql withType=TOPIC
  • Rename Hazelcast connect.hazelcast.sink.kcql to connect.hazelcast.kcql
  • Rename Hazelcast to
  • Rename Hazelcast to
  • Rename Hazelcast connect.hazelcast.sink.cluster.members tp connect.hazelcast.cluster.members
  • Rename Hazelcast connect.hazelcast.sink.batch.size to connect.hazelcast.batch.size
  • Rename Hazelcast connect.hazelcast.sink.error.policy to connect.hazelcast.error.policy
  • Rename Hazelcast connect.hazelcast.sink.max.retries to connect.hazelcast.max.retries
  • Rename Hazelcast connect.hazelcast.sink.retry.interval to connect.hazelcast.retry.interval
  • Rename VoltDB connect.volt.sink.kcql to connect.volt.kcql
  • Rename VoltDB connect.volt.sink.connection.servers to connect.volt.servers
  • Rename VoltDB connect.volt.sink.connection.user to connect.volt.username
  • Rename VoltDB connect.volt.sink.connection.password to connect.volt.password
  • Rename VoltDB connect.volt.sink.error.policy to connect.volt.error.policy
  • Rename VoltDB connect.volt.sink.max.retries to connect.volt.max.retries
  • Rename VoltDB connect.volt.sink.retry.interval to connect.volt.retry.interval

0.2.5 (7 Apr 2017)

  • Adding Azure DocumentDb Sink
  • Adding UPSERT to Elastic Search
  • Cassandra improvements withunwrap
  • Upgrade to Kudu 1.0 and CLI 1.0
  • Add ingest_time to CoAP Source
  • Support Confluent 3.2 and Kafka 0.10.2.
  • Added Azure DocumentDB.
  • Added JMS Source.
  • Added Schemaless JSON and JSON with schema support to JMS Sink.
  • InfluxDB bug fixes for tags and field selection.
  • Support for Cassandra data type of timestamp in the Cassandra Source for timestamp tracking.

0.2.4 (26 Jan 2017)

  • Added FTP and HTTP Source.
  • Added InfluxDB tag support. KCQL: INSERT INTO target dimension SELECT * FROM influx-topic WITHTIMESTAMP sys_time() WITHTAG(field1, CONSTANT_KEY1=CONSTANT_VALUE1, field2,CONSTANT_KEY2=CONSTANT_VALUE1)
  • Added InfluxDb consistency level. Default is ALL. Use connect.influx.consistency.level to set it to ONE/QUORUM/ALL/ANY.
  • InfluxDb connect.influx.sink.route.query was renamed to connect.influx.sink.kcql.
  • Added support for multiple contact points in Cassandra.

0.2.3 (5 Jan 2017)

  • Added CoAP Source and Sink.
  • Added MongoDB Sink.
  • Added MQTT Source.
  • Hazelcast support for ring buffers, maps, sets, lists and cache.
  • Redis support for Sorted Sets.
  • Added start scripts.
  • Added Kafka Connect and Schema Registry CLI.
  • Kafka Connect CLI now supports pause/restart/resume; checking connectors on the classpath and validating configuration of connectors.
  • Support for Struct, Schema.STRING and JSON with schema in the Cassandra, ReThinkDB, InfluxDB and MongoDB sinks.
  • Rename export.query.route to sink.kcql.
  • Rename import.query.route to source.kcql.
  • Upgrade to KCQL 0.9.5 - Add support for STOREAS so specify target sink types, e.g. Redis Sorted Sets, Hazelcast map, queues, ringbuffers.