Alert IdentifiersΒΆ

Alerts are divided into two categories:

  • Infrastructure - These are out of the box alerts that can be toggled on and off
  • Consumer group - These are user-defined alerts on consumer groups

Alert notifications are the result of an Alert Setting Condition being met on an Alert Setting.


Alert Identifier Description
1 License is invalid


Alert Identifier Description
1000 Kafka Broker is down
1001 Zookeeper Node is down
1002 Connect Worker is down
1003 Schema Registry is down
1004 Alert Manager is down
1005 Under replicated partitions
1006 Partitions offline
1007 Active Controllers
1008 Multiple Broker Versions
1009 File-open descriptors high capacity on Brokers
1010 Average % the request handler is idle
1011 Fetch requests failure
1012 Produce requests failure
1013 Broker disk usage is lower than the average of the cluster
1014 Leader Imbalance


Alert Identifier Description
2000 Consumer Lag exceeded


Alert Identifier Description
3000 Connector deleted


Alert Identifier Description
4000 Topic has been created
4001 Topic has been deleted
4002 Topic data has been deleted