Lenses requires two configuration files lenses.conf and security.conf.


This file contains the main configuration options, such as the connection details for your brokers, or the port Lenses uses. You have to create this file before Lenses can work. For a complete list of configuration options please refer to Options reference .

security.conf contains sensitive authentication configuration options.

The Lenses docker image and helm charts create these files automatically at start up.

Basic configuration 

A quick start example of lenses.conf looks like:

lenses.ip =
lenses.port = 9991

# License file
lenses.license.file = "/etc/lenses/license.json"

# Directory for local storage (write access needed) - preserve between upgrades
lenses.storage.directory = "/var/lib/lenses/storage"

# Bootstrap brokers
lenses.kafka.brokers = "PLAINTEXT://host1:9092,PLAINTEXT://host2:9092,PLAINTEXT://host3:9092"

A quick start example security.conf looks like:

# A single admin user
lenses.security.user = "admin"
lenses.security.password = "admin"

License file 

Lenses requires a license file. Receive your trial license and use it in the Helm chart or in the file lenses.conf:

# Relative or absolute path for a readable license file
lenses.license.file = "license.json"

Updating the license 

A license can be updated via the Lenses CLI following this command:

$ lenses-cli license update ./lenses.lic

The user applying the change, requires Manage License permission set up in Lenses.

Persistent storage 

Lenses will store its internal state in the storage folder. We advise to explicitly set this location, ensure the Lenses process has permission to read and write files in this directory and have an upgrade and backup policy in place.

lenses.storage.directory = "/path/to/persistent/data/directory"