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Admin permissions

View Kafka SettingsAllows viewing Kafka ACLs, Quotas
Manage Kafka SettingsAllows managing Kafka ACLs, Quotas
View LogAllows viewing Lenses logs
View UsersAllows viewing the users, groups and service accounts
Manage UsersAllows to add/remove/update/delete users,groups and service accounts
View Alert RulesAllows viewing the alert settings rules
Manage Alert RulesAllows adding/deleting/updating alert settings rules
View AuditAllows viewing the audit records
View Data PoliciesAllows viewing the data policies
Manage Data PoliciesAllows to add/remove/update data policies
Manage ConnectionsAllows to add/remove/update connections
View ApprovalsAllows viewing raised approval requests
Manage ApprovalsAllows to accept/reject requests
Manage Lenses LicenseAllows to update Lenses license at runtime via the Lenses API

Data policies are rules protecting sensitive information your data might contain. These rules are available across all topics and therefore are not subject to data namespace permissions.

Connections are resources that contain information to communicate/connect to other systems. They are treated as sensitive information, so you need Manage permissions to see them.