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All settings in milliseconds (msec).

lenses.interval.summaryHow often to refresh kafka topic list and configslong10000
lenses.interval.consumers.refresh.msHow often to refresh kafka consumer group infolong10000
lenses.interval.consumers.timeout.msHow long to wait for kafka consumer group info to be retrievedlong300000
lenses.kafka.consumers.batch.sizeHow many consumer groups to retrieve in a single requestInt500
lenses.interval.partitions.messagesHow often to refresh kafka partition infolong10000
lenses.interval.type.detectionHow often to check kafka topic payload infolong30000
lenses.interval.user.session.msHow long a client-session stays alive if inactive (4 hours)long14400000
lenses.interval.user.session.refreshHow often to check for idle client sessionslong60000
lenses.interval.topology.topics.metricsHow often to refresh topology infolong30000
lenses.interval.schema.registry.healthcheckHow often to check the schema registries healthlong30000
lenses.interval.metrics.refresh.zkHow often to refresh ZK metricslong5000
lenses.interval.metrics.refresh.srHow often to refresh Schema Registry metricslong5000
lenses.interval.metrics.refresh.brokerHow often to refresh Kafka Broker metricslong5000
lenses.interval.metrics.refresh.connectHow often to refresh Kafka Connect metricslong30000
lenses.interval.metrics.refresh.brokers.in.zkHow often to refresh from ZK the Kafka broker listlong5000
lenses.interval.topology.timeout.msTime period when a metric is considered stalelong120000
lenses.interval.jmxcache.refresh.msHow often to refresh the JMX cache used in the Explore pagelong180000
lenses.interval.jmxcache.graceperiod.msHow long to pause for when a JMX connectity error occurslong300000
lenses.interval.jmxcache.timeout.msHow long to wait for a JMX responselong500
lenses.kafka.ws.heartbeat.msHow often to send heartbeat messages in TCP connectionlong30000
lenses.kafka.ws.poll.msMax time for kafka consumer data polling on WS APIslong10000
lenses.kubernetes.watch.reconnect.limitNumber of reconnect attempts for watcher of K8 eventslong10
lenses.akka.request.timeout.msMax time for a response in an Akka Actorlong10000
lenses.sql.monitor.frequencyHow often to emit healthcheck and performance metrics on Streaming SQLlong10000