Settings to add to your connectors to the topology view.

class.nameThe connector full class name. i.e. org.apache.kafka.connect.file.FileStreamstring
nameThe name as it will appear in the topology view. For example: Filestring
instanceContains the connector configuration key(-s) the extractor instance will use to get the information. Consider the FTP source the value is set to connect.ftp.monitor.tail,connect.ftp.monitor.update. The extractor will get the result of both those fields and provide a list of involved topicsstring
extractor.classUsed only for Connect sources to extract the target topics from the connector runtime configuration.string
propertyThe connector configuration key which will contain the output topics. Used only for Connect sources.string
iconThe path to an icon file the UI will use to display the connector.string
descriptionA short sentence to say what the connector doesstring
authorWho is providing the connectorstring