Kafka Connect can be used to deploy SQL Processors to. To configure Kubernetes set the mode to CONNECT and configure the location of the kubeconfig file.

lenses.sql.execution.mode = CONNECT
lenses.sql.state.dir = "logs/lenses-sql-kstream-stat

It is recommend to have a dedicated Connect Cluster for SQL processors.


If SASL/GSSAPI (Kerberos) authentication is required, set it for the Connect Workers, for example:



If SSL is required, enable SSL for the Connect workers. You must ensure the keystore and truststore files for all the workers is located at the same path as they are for the Lenses.

As an example, if Lenses is configured like below:

lenses.kafka.settings.client.ssl.keystore.location   = /var/private/ssl/client.keystore.jks
lenses.kafka.settings.client.ssl.truststore.location = /var/private/ssl/client.truststore.jks

Then these files should be present in the exact same path for each Connect worker:


Custom Serde 

Add custom serde libraries (jar files) to the same directory as the Lenses SQL connector’s jars.