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Install with Azure Marketplace

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We recommend installing against a HDInsight cluster .

Recommend instance type is Standard_DS2_v2.

This method installs Lenses as standalone VM in your Azure subscription against your own Apache Kafka cluster.

Lenses requires network connectivity to you Kafka cluster and should be located as close as possible, in a private subnet behind a load balancer.

More details for Azure networking setup .

Preparing your cluster details 

To configure Lenses you need the broker endpoints and optionally the endpoints for the following in the format Lenses is expecting in the lenses.conf file:

1. Launch Azure Marketplace installer 

Azure deploy Lenses

2. Click Get it Now 

Azure download Lenses

3. Select Lenses.io for Microsoft Azure and click create 

Azure provide license

Configure the Basics and Virtual Machine settings.

4. Enter your Kafka endpoints and optional Connect, Schema Registries and Zookeepers 

Azure marketplace configuration

3. Accept the terms and conditions 

Azure marketplace terms and conditions

4. Login to Lenses 

Once the deployment has complete go to the public IP created and login to Lenses with admin/admin.