Adding Connectors to the topology

If you have a custom connector that you want to enable it for the topology view, or a connector not supported out of the box, you will need to set the configuration entry.

Here is how you can configure connectors in order to appear in the topology graph:

lenses {

  ... = [
  = "The connector full classpath"
           name = "The name which will be presented in the UI"
           instance = "Details about the instance. Contains the connector configuration field which holds the information. If  a database is involved it would be  the DB connection details, if it is a file it would be the file path, etc"
           sink = true
           extractor.class = "The full classpath for the implementation knowing how to extract the Kafka topics involved. This is only required for a Source"
           icon = "file.png"
           description = "A description for the connector"
           author = "The connector author"

See option reference.