4.0.1 release

4.0.1 release 


  • Performance improvements for the Data catalog (faster indexing step)
  • SQL Snapshot queries on Kafka handle deleted records while the query is running
  • Display the compacted sign for Data Catalog for Kafka topics with a cleanup policy involving compaction
  • User password restriction to not use the same password again
  • Data SLAs topic metrics readability and rule editing tooltips
  • Kafka topic message delete for non-compacted topics shows the number of entries to be deleted
  • Data catalog schema shows decimal for AVRO schemas where this type is defined as logical type

Bug fixes 

  • Prometheus alert integration memory leak causing the alert to not be cleared out
  • SQL Snapshot max.idle.time setting is respected. If there is no more data received from the Kafka topic (case of deleted records towards the end of the bounded set), the query will be terminated
  • SQL intellisense was highlighting TO_TIMESTAMP function as unknown
  • An invalid ElasticSearch connection was causing Lenses to stop during a restart
  • Lenses custom serdes involving Google Protobuf were not loaded
  • SQL streaming joins on two Kafka datasets using different message key format were giving an error
  • Kafka Connect connectors authorization state was not working correctly when using at least two separate Connect cluster and they both run connectors with the same name
  • SQL Streaming JSON to AVRO conversion for optional fields
  • Data catalog filter for system datasets
  • Kafka topic message delete was not reflecting the starting offset when changing the partition
  • ElasticSearch datasets permission for “Show Schema” was not correctly handled
  • SQL Processors failed to run on OpenShift due to non-root user enforcement