4.0.2 release

4.0.2 release 


  • Performance improvements, significantly lowering CPU usage
  • Avro schemas with nested arrays of nullable (union) elements are now fully supported
  • Schema registry status, and related alerts are now more accurate
  • Kafka Topic’s Schema types are now searchable when changing them through the User Interface
  • Dataset’s metadata can now be excluded from the search parameters, to improve the search’s performance
  • Introduced pagination for our Consumers Groups and Topic Partitions display
  • Significantly improved the Partitions calculation time
  • Improved the User Experience in Kafka Topics, SQL Studio and Connectors screens

Bug fixes 

  • Message headers fixes in SQL for handling null and empty record headers
  • Failing to login when using SSO is not resulting on a blank screen anymore
  • Fixed issues with projections of message keys within streaming SQL engine
  • Fixed an issue resulting to wrong dataset count calculation in the Explore screen