4.0.3 release

4.0.3 release 


  • Data catalogue search performance improved when dealing with thousands of datasets with complex schemas
  • SQL Streaming validation for HAVING statements now rejects Key projection
  • SQL intellisense identifies Kafka message Key fields
  • Topic partition size showing N/A as opposed to 0 when there is no JMX information available from the Kafka Broker
  • Kafka consumer groups page handles thousands of entries by paginating the data
  • Better handling of consumer groups state when one of the groups does not have a coordinator assigned
  • Kafka topic partition messages per partition does not bring the UI down


  • Unsupported Avro schema (union of null and a few types) was breaking the Data catalogue indexing process
  • SQL Snapshot query optimization for Key filter. Queries like WHERE _key = '***' was not calculating the target partition correctly.
  • Kafka topic Data tab rendering issue in certain context when the topic does not have any records on it
  • SQL Streaming WINDOW statement with HAVING clause
  • SQL Streaming IN_PROC mode was not respecting the topic replication factor
  • Timestamp filter beyond the end of the topic now does not end the query