Access Kafka Broker

The Kafka Broker advertises the endpoint to accept client connections.

If you run Docker on macOS or Windows, you may need to find the address of the VM running Docker and export it as the advertised address for the broker (On macOS it usually is At the same time, you should give the kafka-lenses-dev image access to the VM’s network:

           -e ADV_HOST="" \
           --net=host --name=lenses-dev \

If you run on Linux you don’t have to set the ADV_HOST but you can do something cool with it. If you set it to be your machine’s IP address you will be able to access Kafka from any clients in your network.

If you decide to run box in the cloud, you (and all your team) will be able to access Kafka from your development machines. Remember to provide the public IP of your server.