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go get -u


To use the CLI you must first configure the workspace.

lenses-cli configure

And fill in the details:

? Host: https://lenseshost:9991
? Auth token or username:
? Password: ******
? Save workspace name: dataopsDev

The configuration will be stored in ~/.lenses/config.yml

Controlling the output format 

The —output flag, which controls the format of the output.

The value of output can be Table, YAML or JSON. By default the results of a command are printed as a table.

Additionally, when using –output flag with JSON, two more optional flags are available for use: –pretty and –query. These flags can be passed to all commands that fetch and return JSON-formatted results.

  • —pretty - Enable the pretty format for JSON output of commands (default false).
  • —query - A jmespath query expression. This allows for querying the JSON output of commands. For more details view the JMESPATH documentation.
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