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Kafka JMX

Kafka metrics (JMX) connectivity is optional. Enriches APM (Application Performance Monitoring) capabilities.

lenses.kafka.metrics.portAn array mapping the Kafka broker id to its metrics portarray
lenses.kafka.metrics.port[*].idThe kafka broker idint
lenses.kafka.metrics.port[*].portThe metrics port for the kafka brokerint
lenses.kafka.metrics.port[*].hostThe kafka broker host for a given broker idstring
lenses.kafka.metrics.default.portUse when all kafka brokers use the same JMX/Jolokia portint
lenses.kafka.metrics.typeJMX or JOLOKIAP for Jolokia POST or JOLOKIAG for Jolokia GETstring
lenses.kafka.metrics.userThe username when basic auth is used on metricsstring
lenses.kafka.metrics.passwordThe password when basic auth is used on metricsstring
lenses.kafka.metrics.httpsSet to true when JOLOKIA is served over HTTPSboolean
lenses.kafka.metrics.http.timeout.msHow long to wait for a metrics response. Defaults to 60000boolean
lenses.kafka.metrics.sslSet to true when JMX is available over a secure connectionboolean