Zookeepers settings

ZK connectivity is optional (to use Kafka Quotas). KIP-546 will enable quota management via the Brokers.

lenses.zookeeper.hosts.urlThe Zookeeper node endpointarrayno
lenses.zookeeper.hosts.url.jmxOld option supported for backwards compatibility onlystringno
lenses.zookeeper.hosts.metrics.typeZK metrics type JMX or JOLOKIAstringno
lenses.zookeeper.hosts.metrics.urlZK node metrics endpointstringno
lenses.zookeeper.hosts.metrics.userThe username when basic auth is used on metricsstringno
lenses.zookeeper.hosts.metrics.passwordThe password when basic auth is used on metricsstringno
lenses.zookeeper.chrootThe znode chroot path without leading or trailing /stringno
lenses.zookeeper.security.enabledSet to true for secure connection with ZKbooleanno
lenses.curator.retriesNumber of retries when discovering broker data from ZKintno
lenses.curator.initial.sleep.time.msWait time in (msec) before curator retriesintno
lenses.zookeeper.max.session.msMax time for ZK to respond to a requestintno
lenses.zookeeper.max.connection.msMax time for new ZK connection establishmentintno