Unsupported features

The JDBC interface is designed to cover dozens, if not hundreds, of possible databases, and as such, it is a wide-reaching specification. Due to the widely different possible implementations, there are features that some databases cannot implement. Lenses JDBC is no different. These are some of the features of the driver that cannot be used.

  • Transactions: Kafka transactions support is not wired in with the JDBC driver. Attempting to use the operations will result in a no-op or an exception being thrown.
  • Updates: Kafka records are immutable once stored, so methods which update are not supported
  • Stored procedures: Kafka has no support for stored procedures, so attempts to use the CallableStatement classes results in an exception.
  • Unsupported Types: The specification covers a multitude of types, some of which do not exist in the JSON or AVRO libraries. Trying to retrieve values from a row with an unsupported type such as a clob results in an SQLException