SQL In Process

Streaming SQL applications will be run as part of Lenses' own process, sharing resources, memory and CPU time with the rest of the platform.

Set the execution configuration to IN_PROC

# Set up Lenses SQL processing engine
lenses.sql.execution.mode = "IN_PROC"

Set the directory to store the internal state of the SQL Processors:

lenses.sql.state.dir = "/tmp/lenses-sql-kstream-state"

Connections management 

Since Lenses 4.0, connection details are treated as secrets and stored in the internal database. Among other reasons, that change allows Lenses to bring governance on the connections, and subsequently, to the systems that Processors connect to.

SQL processors uses the same connection details than Lenses to speak to Kafka and Schema Registry.

The following properties are mounted, if present, on the file system for each processor:

  • Kafka
    1. SSLTruststore
    2. SSLKeystore
  • Schema Registry
    1. SSL Keystore
    2. SSL Truststore

The files structure created by applications is the following: /run/[lenses_installation_id]/applications/