What’s New in Lenses 4.2

If you are upgrading from an older version, make sure to check the upgrade notes .

PostgreSQL database support for the Data Catalog 

Starting with this release, Lenses supports PostgreSQL as another data catalog source. See more about this integration in our user docs .

Data catalog metadata 

Tags and metadata round up any data catalog. We enable discoverability with Tags and Descriptions to datasets ie. your Kafka Topics and other data sources supported by our catalog. Learn more .

Google Single-Sign-On (SSO) 

Lenses security system has been extended to support the authentication based on Google SSO. Check the documentation , to see how to set up Lenses to use Google SSO.


Data Catalog 

  • Introduced multiple filters in our Explore screen. Users can now use a combination of tag and connection filter to narrow the results.
  • Fields in a datasets with sensitive information are now marked in our Explore screen, indicating the Policy Categories applied on them.
  • See only the information you are interested for. We introduced configurable columns in our Explore screen.
  • Check the status of your data source connection in our Explore screen. Now each Data Source has a status indicator.

SQL processors 

  • UDFs/UDAFs can be defined in custom packaged. Prior to this it had to be io.lenses.sql
  • SQL processor page UX fixes when there’s a runtime error associated with a processor
  • In-Proc number of processors has been limited to 50. This deployment mode is meant for non-production only
  • Connect mode deployment will validate the secret provider plugin is installed. Otherwise, the deployment will not proceed
  • Better error handling to the underlying Kafka Streams runtime exceptions
  • Support for Avro enumeration
  • Better error handling for deprecated SQL processors

Kafka topics 

Data stored recently in a Kafka topic, is of greater interest to the user. Therefore, Lenses will automatically show the latest available records every time the user lands on the Kafka topic data screen. Previous versions, would load automatically the earliest data available.

Data Policies 

  • Performance improvements to support 50K+ datasets

Kafka Topic create 

  • Added the option for setting the retention size in raw bytes
  • Added the option for setting the retention time in milliseconds


  • Better handling of Kubernetes cluster outages. The logs are less noisy and more informative
  • A new configuration has been added to control how Lenses reconnects to Kubernetes in case of connectivity issues: watchReconnectInterval, webSocketTimeout & webSocketPingInterval. For further details, please refer to the documentation of these new props: https://docs.lenses.io/4.1/configuration/options/advanced/#content
  • Recover Kubernetes connectivity when Lenses is deployed outside the Kubernetes cluster
  • Lenses can run pod as service account instead of root


  • Alerts: Consumer lag alert are now triggering correctly when more than one is applied to the same consumer group.
  • Kafka Consumers: The pagination does not reset to the first page
  • JMX: Support JMX metrics for zookeeper 3.6.2
  • SQL Snapshot: Avoid reading the data twice when query limits were reached
  • SQL Snapshot: On Safari browser, Kafka topics' data was not rendered
  • SQL Snapshot: Improved error on invalid aggregation queries
  • SQL Snapshot: Improved count execution for Kafka topics in some edge cases
  • SQL Processors: Fix exports to correctly set the application identifier
  • SQL Processors: Support for projecting null on a facet
  • SQL Processors: Export SQL Processors not working consistently
  • SQL Studio: Data not loading on Safari