4.2.1 release

4.2.1 release 


  • Improve the Kafka topics importing process to scale to tens of thousands topics
  • Improves error message when validating connection name during creation
  • Multiple alert rules on consumer lag for the same topic and consumer group are now raising alerts independently.


  • Fixed an issue where messages for Topics, were fetched twice.
  • Fixes an edge case with typing of nullable fields
  • External applications can now be registered when using the MAP node type for their internal topology
  • Fix handling Schema Registry with authentication.
  • Avro format identification now works when the SR subject is created upfront and no message are available on the topic
  • Fixed the automatic identification of AVRO schema types for Schema Registry with basic auth
  • Fixed the Jolokia metrics connectivity for Kafka Connect
  • Fixed an issue causing Lenses cannot read broker metrics from Jolokia when zookeeper advertises broker JMX port.
  • Topic tags are lost when creating a processor using the topic.
  • Fix a special case where a session token could stay valid for one extra expiry period
  • Fix a security issue where a privileged user (admin) could use to see connection details
  • Fixed an issue where breadcrumb navigation in Kafka Connect could result to an empty list of connectors

UX Fixes 

  • Fixes wrapping issue with long entity name on Kafka Quotas page
  • Fixes an issue where the Tags on Explore, were hidden even though there is plenty of space for them to be displayed.