What’s New in Lenses 4.3


  • Kafka: Global Topic configuration rules are now introduced, enabling Administrators to provide meaningful defaults and topic creation restrictions globally. Learn more . in our help centre documentation
  • Kafka: Topic message gets a detail view to allow better experience understanding the data
  • Auditing: Data access is now Audited, capturing information about the User, the resource and the time this resource was accessed.


  • SQL intellisense picks up User Defined [Aggregated] Functions. lenses.interval.sql.udf was introduced to control how often Lenses checks for new functions
  • SQL Snapshot: Detailed stats regarding the process of your query and the termination reasons are now exposed to the User Interface in SQL Studio.
  • SQL Snapshot: Bad records metadata are now exposed including the partition, the offset and the timestamp of the bad record
  • SQL Snapshot: Improved SQL intellisense performance
  • SQL Snapshot: Now specifying nested aliases is allowed (e.g SELECT foo as foo.bar).
  • SQL Streaming: Improves the auth token handling for those Kubernetes clusters where the token expiration is set
  • SQL Streaming: Stop/Start button avoid making redundant calls if clicked a lot of times in a short period of time
  • SQL Streaming: Providing more descriptive error messages
  • SQL Streaming: SQL Processors count in In Process mode is now restricted to 50
  • SQL Streaming: Improvements handling SQLProcessors states in Kubernetes. Stopped replicas will be treated as Warning and not Not Running
  • SQL Streaming: Improves security of SQL Processors in Connect mode by ensuring that deployment is not allowed in case of misconfigured Connect Cluster
  • Kafka Topics: Detailed Audit trail is now provided in the Topics page
  • Kafka Topics: Notification for the Pending topic creation requests is now visible throughout the whole application
  • Data Explore: Connection status correctly rendered
  • Dashboard: Data delivery has been improved and it contains also system topics
  • Data Policies: First N and Last N data policies will not reveal the underlying value length by fixing the number of {{*}} characters returned to 5
  • CLI: Improve the Kafka topics importing process to scale to 30k topics
  • Kafka Connect: Security improvement for Connect sink deployments. Lenses can read the {{topics.regex}} and apply the RBAC rules for the topics involved


  • SQL Streaming: Now Lenses takes into account the configuration property to bound the namespaces it can watch when importing legacy SQL processors from Kubernetes clusters.
  • SQL Streaming: Resolves an issue where the SQL Processor creation was not following the correct API contract
  • SQL Streaming: When a processor transition to running the records produced will be updated
  • SQL Streaming: Processor Graph AGGREGATE node now shows window information correctly
  • SQL Streaming: Fixes an edge-cases in Table-to-Table joins
  • Data Catalog: Fixes an edge case with typing of nullable fields
  • User Interface: Fixes an issue where the editor in the connectors screen, would wrongly render objects.
  • User Interface: Consumer groups pagination no longer resets to page 1 after a while
  • Alerts: Create new alert is not blocked when Cluster holds tens of thousands of topics
  • LDAP: Fixing NullPointerException on missing memberOf attribute
  • Configuration: Fixing edge case where Jolokia metrics for KCC did not work