4.3.1 release

4.3.1 release 


  • SQL Processors, some name limitations have been removed
  • Kafka Connect, connectors using Connect plugins that are not in the Lenses supported list can now be created
  • Security, logout request via the web interface does not carry the session token as query parameter
  • Lenses Dashboard, dataset view audits are not listed
  • Explore Kafka Topics, the performance of the web interface was improved
  • Audits, more detailed topics audits
  • Audits, topics added/removed from outside Lenses are now tracked
  • Explore Kafka Topics, topic data screen suggest debugging the data when no records are returned but Lenses knows the topic has records
  • Security, HSTS header added to the response when running in HTTPS mode


  • SQL Streaming, regex function typing was incorrect, it returned String as opposed to Array[String]
  • SQL Streaming, regression on nested aggregated function validation introduced in 4.3.0
  • UDF/UDAF, function name lookup is case-insensitive and avoids misleading error about the function not being supported
  • UDF/UDAF, primitive only arguments restriction has been removed
  • Data Produced, edit dialog invalidated the duration field incorrectly
  • Data Policy, the web interface handles better the HTTP error codes
  • Kafka Topic, live Kafka topic sampling view did not work in certain scenarios in 4.3.0
  • SQL Studio, intellisense was called multiple times
  • Postgres, data sampling was failing for certain Postgres types