View, modify and delete schemas and adjust compatibility levels.

View all schemas 

View the current schemas registered

$ lenses-cli schemas --unwrap [--output json/table/yaml [--query] [--no-pretty]]

View a schema 

Schemas can be filtered by name:

$ lenses-cli schema --name="sea_vessel_position_reports-value"

View schema versions 

Schemas versions can be viewed filtered by name:

$ lenses-cli schema versions --name="sea_vessel_position_reports-value"
# view by version
$ lenses-cli schema --name="sea_vessel_position_reports-value" --version="latest"

View schema compatibility levels 

Schema compatibility levels can be viewed and filtered by name:

$ lenses-cli schema compatibility --name="register1

Delete schemas 

Delete all versions of a schema by name:

$ lenses-cli schema delete --name="coyote_test_02"

Delete schemas by version 

Delete a specific version of a schema:

# (defaults to "latest" if not passed)
$ lenses-cli schema delete-version --name="register1" --version=2

Change compatibility of a Schema 

Change the compatibility level of a schema:

$ lenses-cli schema compatibility  set FULL --name="register1"

Register a schema 

Register a new schema for a name/subject by the command line or file:

$ lenses-cli schema register \
    --name="schemaName" \
    --avro="{ \"type\": \"string\" }"

Register by file:

$ lenses-cli schema register ./schema.yaml


name: schemaName
avroSchema: |-
    "type": "record",
    "name": "evolution",
    "namespace": "io.lenses",
    "doc": "This is a sample AVRO schema to get you started. Please edit",
    "fields": [
       "name": "name",
       "type": "string"
       "name": "number1",
       "type": "int"
       "name": "number2",
       "type": "float"