5.4.3 release

5.4.3 release 


  • Optimized Timestamp Filtering in SQL Snapshot Queries:
    SQL Snapshot queries now feature optimized timestamp filtering. For instance, queries like WHERE _meta.ts > TO_DATETIME('2020-01-01 00:00:00') will be automatically optimized to WHERE _meta.ts > 1577836800000.

  • UI Side Validation Enhancements for Topic Data Insertion:
    The validation process ensures the API payload shape.

  • Topic Metrics Chart Enhancement:
    When new metrics are not available the average percentage goes to 0%.


  • SQL Snapshot Fix for INSERT INTO SELECT Queries:
    Resolved an issue with SQL Snapshot queries involving INSERT INTO SELECT statements, particularly when the target topic’s partition count differs from the source topic’s partition count.

  • LDAP Authentication Username Fix:
    Fixed a bug in LDAP authentication where the user surname was erroneously used as the username. This correction ensures accurate user tracking, particularly in scenarios involving user seats.

  • SQL Processor IAM Connection Fix for AWS:
    Addressed an issue in the SQL processor (SQL Streaming) related to IAM connections for AWS, ensuring proper connectivity and functionality.

Last modified: February 26, 2024