Generic SSO

Use this option if you have an SSO provider that is not covered by the Lenses native SSO integrations.

Map groups to Lenses 

Groups are case-sensitive and mapped by name.

Integrate your user-groups with Lenses by setting the in lenses.conf. Create a group in Lenses using the same case-sensitive group name as in your IdP. For example, if the Engineers group is available, create a group with the same name in Lenses.

Configure Lenses 

Given the downloaded metadata file and a keystore, add the following configuration to security.conf:"""generic""/path/to/GenericIDPMetadata.xml" = "/path/to/keystore.jks" = "my_keystore_password" = "my_saml_key_password""groups_attribute""user_username"

The username attribute is optional, it defaults to the profile name.

See all SSO options.