Lenses internal Kafka topics

Lenses requires these Kafka topics to be available, otherwise it will try to create them. The topics can be created manually before Lenses is run, or allow Lenses the correct Kafka ACLs to create the topics:

lenses.topics.external.topologyTopic for applications to publish their topology13 (recommended)__topologyyesN/A
lenses.topics.external.metricsTopic for external application to publish their metrics13 (recommended)__topology__metricsno1 day
lenses.topics.metricsTopic for SQL Processor to send the metrics13 (recommended)_kafka_lenses_metricsno1 day

To allow for fine-grained control over the replication factor of the three topics, the following settings are available:

lenses.topics.replication.external.topologyReplication factor for the lenses.topics.external.topology topic1
lenses.topics.replication.external.metricsReplication factor for the lenses.topics.external.metrics topic1
lenses.topics.replication.metricsReplication factor for the lenses.topics.metrics topic1
Last modified: June 18, 2024