What’s New in Lenses 5.5

New Features 

Kafka Connectors as Code 

Lenses now introduces support for managing Kafka connectors as code. With this feature, you can define your connectors in a YAML file and seamlessly deploy them to Lenses. This capability is accessible via both the Lenses CLI and the Lenses UI. This release marks the commencement of our journey towards a more declarative and automated approach to managing Kafka and Lenses resources.

Consumer Group Management 

In this version, Lenses introduces support for deleting consumer group offsets and entire consumer groups, enhancing flexibility and control over consumer group management.

Generic SSO Provider 

Lenses provides support for a few SSO providers out of the box like Google, Okta, etc. In this release, Lenses introduces a generic SSO provider, enabling users to integrate with any SSO provider that supports the SAML 2.0 protocol. This feature is configurable via the lenses.conf file under lenses.security.saml.idp.provider.


Kafka Message Replay 

The Kafka message replay feature receives an enhancement, now enabling users to replay messages from a specific offset. This functionality is accessible from both the Lenses topic screen and the Lenses SQL studio screen, providing greater precision in message replay operations.

Users can now seamlessly navigate from the consumer group offsets screen to the data of the topic that the consumer group offset points to, enhancing visibility and ease of data exploration.

Audits to log file 

Lenses now provides the capability to log audit events to its log file, enabling users to store audit logs locally for compliance and security purposes. This feature is configurable via the lenses.conf file under lenses.audit.to.log.file.

Lenses Internal Topics Replication Factor 

To ensure compatibility with cloud providers such as IBM, where a minimum replication factor is mandated, Lenses now allows the configuration of the replication factor for its internal topics. This setting can be configured in the lenses.conf file under lenses.internal.topics.replication.***.

Bug Fixes 

External Applications via Lenses SDK 

The Lenses SDK, a thin client facilitating the monitoring and tracking of external applications connected to Kafka within Lenses topology, has been enhanced in this release. An issue where the application’s status in Lenses was not updated correctly has been resolved.

S3 Backup-Restore for JSON Payloads 

In this release, a bug affecting the S3 backup-restore feature for JSON payloads has been rectified. Previously, the feature encountered issues due to the Connect converter enforcing schema on JSON payloads, leading to incorrect functionality. This bug has been addressed to ensure seamless backup and restoration of JSON data via S3.