Additional configuration options in Helm


How can I customize Lenses configuration options that are not available in the Helm Chart


Each version of the helm chart for Lenses is accompanied by a values.yaml. This file contains sane defaults for all the supported Lenses configuration options for that version of the chart.

Although great care has been taken to cover most use cases in the chart, we may encounter situations where a specific configuration option is required but is not available.

To support such cases, Lenses Helm Chart provides the lenses.append.conf mechanism.
This mechanism works as shown below

    conf: |


As described in Advanced Configuration Options, Lenses provides the option lenses.interval.user.session.refresh that controls how often to check for idle client sessions. As its default value of 60000 is suitable for most deployments, an option to configure it is not provided in the values.yaml. If we needed to set its value to 40000 for our deployment, we’d create the snippet below

    conf: |


  • Any configuration option set via this mechanism, takes precedence over any other occurence.
    e.g If a configuration option had previously been via its specific option in values.yaml, it is overridden by the one in lenses.append.conf.
    It is,therefore, advised not to use this functionality for any options already offered in the Helm Chart.
  • This mechanism is provided for both the lenses.conf and the security.conf
Last modified: June 18, 2024