Lenses Setup Wizard


How do I set up Lenses through User Interface and when does Lenses Setup Wizard appear


Lenses Setup Wizard appears when you have a running Lenses instance√ with no Kafka Brokers configured.

The purpose of the wizard is to guide the user through 4 steps to provide a valid configuration for their Lenses Instance. Providing that the user already holds their Kafka Cluster’s connection details, the setup wizard should not take more than a couple of minutes.

Wizard Start 

When you first visit http://localhost:8080 or the specified port in your Lenses installation, if there are no Kafka Brokers configured you will see the Lenses Setup Wizard.

Lenses Setup Wizard

Kafka Brokers 

In this step you will be able to add your Kafka broker details and validate the connectivity with your Kafka cluster

Kafka Brokers Setup

Broker Metrics 

In this step you will be able to add your Broker Metric details. This Step is optional and you can also edit your Broker Metric details after the Setup

Broker Metrics Setup


To run Lenses you need a valid License. In this step you can add the license that was sent to your email.

License validation
Last modified: June 18, 2024