Release Notes


London, UK - April 19, 2018: We are happy to announce that Lenses v2.0 is now generally available


  • Data Governance - Auditing SQL queries and allow users to ANONYMIZE and hide sensitive fields
  • JDBC driver for Apache Kafka - Pure Java Type 4/5 JDBC Driver for Apache Kafka with bi-directional access. Insert and load data stored in your Kafka topics with full support for Json and Avro payloads. Code-less integration with popular BI, Reporting, & ETL Tools.
  • CLI tool for CI/CD - Lenses CLI tool is now generally available (github)
  • Monitoring & Alerting - Brings automated alerts which are essential to monitoring your Kafka cluster. They allow you to spot problems anywhere in your infrastructure so that you can rapidly identify their causes and minimize service degradation and disruption
  • Lenses SQL DATE functions - The LSQL engine now supports functions to manipulate DATE fields.
  • Notification Gateway - Integration with Alert Manager allows for the alerts to be pushed to multiple systems (i.e. Slack, email, etc)
  • Enhanced Topology view - Topology now displays each node status and metrics
  • Multi-tenancy Support - Using white/black listing configuration settings, administrators can set the topics access for particular users/groups within Lenses.
  • Quotas - You can now view and manage USER and CLIENT Kafka Quotas from the Lenses UI or REST APIs.
  • Python lib - Lenses Python library is now generally available (github)
  • Go lib - Lenses Go library is now generally available (github)
  • Service accounts - Service accounts are now supported. This allows easier integration of your CI/CD pipelines and tools with Lenses
  • Inserting topic data via the UI - Allows the user to push records to Kafka topics by specifying the message key and value content in a friendly user interface
  • Additional Connect metrics - Additional JMX metrics introduced to Kafka Connect in Kafka version 1.0 are now supported
  • New Prometheus API - Track your consumer lags, by adding Lenses in the target list of your Prometheus installation.
  • New Lenses Helm Chart - The Lenses chart now supports services, ingress and RBAC in Kubernetes with improved configurations.
  • New SQL Runner Helm Chart - The SQL runner chart now supports services, ingress, and improved configurations.
  • Kafka 1.0.1 - Latest release is based on the Apache Kafka 1.0.1 client libraries


  • LSQL Browsing improvements - Almost re-written to delivers a much-improved user experience and supports LSQL query management. Lenses SQL engine now makes it possible to see the queries executing at any point in time and users with elevated permissions have the option to cancel them. New syntax allows the query boundaries (time, records and payload size) to be easily adjusted.
  • Auditing SQL queries provides the base for understanding your Apache Kafka usage patterns
  • Simplified configuration for Zookeeper, Schema Registry and Connect cluster. (See the Upgrade Notes details for the configuration changes required)
  • Topics default config are now retrieved (Apache Kafka 1.0.0+ required for this functionality)
  • Decouple the dependency on schema registry.
  • Proxy improvements for OpenShift and Kubernetes
  • Topology view configured to support more than 40 Kafka Connectors
  • Better resource utilization for live data (topics info, brokers info, etc).
  • Consumers screen does not have an initial lag load
  • LSQL: Browsing Avro records with logical date fields now displays the date in a human-readable format
  • Added user groups even for BASIC authentication
  • Improved Helm charts for Lenses and SQL runners, users are no longer required to pass the full config as a configMap


  • LSQL: Exception on joining on KTable without selecting any existing fields
  • LSQL: browsing Avro data containing fields which are non-nullable union types is fixed now.
  • LSQL: Exception on _ts (timestamp) filter with a value greater than the latest record on the topic
  • Topology: Exception when a Connect instance is removed
  • Topology: Fixed the rendering for Sink Connectors
  • Redux Integration: Avoid internal state being corrupted when the Javascript client fires an invalid LSQL query
  • Redux Integration: Exception when key type is Avro

For previous release notes see Lenses 1.1 Release Notes