Your Data Platform on Apache Kafka

Go real time with confidence. Your Data is more accessible and secure. Lenses is helping you build your central, ethical, self served, real time data platform with Kafka and Kubernetes pipelines with DataOps principles.

Lenses Developer Experience

Lenses Box

It's free for all. A docker for developers with a full Kafka setup and great features! It is built with mechanical sympathy & gives an excellent user experience with single docker command.

Step 1: Download

Download Lenses Box

Step 2: Run

Install Docker, allocate 4GB RAM and run
docker run --rm -it -p 3030:3030 --net=host \
       -e EULA="https://dl.lenses.stream/d/?id=CHECK_YOUR_EMAIL_FOR_KEY" \
Login with admin/admin at http://localhost:3030 and learn more

Lenses Enterprise Experience

Lenses for the Enterprise

Install in less than 5-minutes. Enjoy excellent support with 24x7 or 8x5 SLAs.

Run on any distro of Apache Kafka

Open source Apache Kafka, Confluent, Cloudera, HortonWorks and any version of Kafka.

Run on-prem

On Linux, VM, Docker, Kubernetes or Helm

Run on any Cloud

Amazon MSK, Azure HDInsight, Aiven.io more info

Wanna give it a try ?