Next Steps

Congratulations for reading the Quick Tour guide to Lenses.


Lenses automatically generates a topology landscape of your data flows. You can navigate to the topology page by clicking the Topology link on Lenses GUI.


How to learn Lenses

The only way to learn how to use Lenses is to keep using it and keep trying new things.

Solving the following exercises will help you learn Lenses:

  • Read a data stream of integers and find the minimum and maximum of all the integers.
  • Read a log file from Lenses Box and convert all lines to uppercase. Write the results to a new file.
  • Create a Kafka producer in any programming language and write its data to a file using the appropriate sink connector.
  • If you want to try something really challenging, read a table from a database of your choice, and write its data to another database.

Thank you for trying Lenses!