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Go real time with confidence. Your Data is more accessible and secure. Lenses is the gateway to build your central, self served, real time data platform with Kafka and Kubernetes pipelines.
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About Lenses Box

A Free development sandbox that brings everything you need in a single docker container, to get your development up and running in just a couple of minutes! Includes Lenses, a full Kafka setup and great features!

Step 1: Get your free pass

To get started, you only need to install Docker and get a Lenses Box key. Get Lenses Box

Step 2: Run the docker

docker run --rm -it -p 3030:3030 --net=host -e EULA="https://dl.lenses.stream/d/?id=CHECK_YOUR_EMAIL_FOR_KEY" landoop/kafka-lenses-dev:latest
Visit http://localhost:3030, login with admin/admin and enjoy!
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