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About Stream Reactor

Stream Reactor is an Apache License, Version 2.0 open source collection of components built on top of Kafka and provides Kafka Connect compatible connectors to move data between Kafka and popular data stores. Stream Reactor provides source connectors to publish data into Kafka and sink connectors to move data out of Kafka and into other systems.

The connectors support KCQL (Kafka Connect Query Language), an open source component of Lenses SQL Engine, provides a SQL like syntax in order to drive the connector actions. It supports topics routing, payload projection via field selection, error policies, and if the target system supports it auto-creation and auto-evolution.


About Kafka Connect

Kafka Connect is a framework to rapidly stream events in and out of Apache Kafka. It has a narrow focus on data ingress (in) and egress (out) of the central nervous system of modern streaming frameworks. Connect allows developers to quickly build robust, durable, scalable and secure pipelines in and out of Kafka.

Kafka Connect can run in standalone or distributed mode. The former is targetting testing or a one-off job whereas the later provides a scalable, fault-tolerant service supporting an entire organization. Connect can scale down for development, testing, and small deployments or scale out to support production workloads. Combined with KCQL it offers a low barrier entry and operational overhead allowing support for large organizations data pipelines.

All our Stream-Reactor connectors support AVRO, and use converters to translate the AVRO into Kafka Connects internal Struct type. JSON is supported on the following Sinks: ReThinkDB, MongoDB, InfluxDB, Cassandra DSE Sink, JMS (TextMessages only), CoAP Sink, MQTT Sink, Elasticsearch.