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How can I run offline? 

Download your key locally and run the command:

LFILE=`cat license.json`
docker run --rm -it -p 3030:3030 -e LICENSE="$LFILE" lensesio/box:latest

How much memory to allocate? 

The container is running multiple services and is recommended to allocate 5GB of RAM to docker (although it can operate with even less than 4GB).

Set docker container memory allocation

To reduce the memory footprint, it is possible to disable some connectors and shrink the Kafka Connect heap size by applying these options (choose connectors to keep) to the docker run command:

-e DISABLE=azure-documentdb,blockchain,bloomberg,cassandra,coap,druid,elastic,elastic5,ftp,hazelcast,hbase,influxdb,jms,kudu,mongodb,mqtt,redis,rethink,voltdb,yahoo,hdfs,jdbc,elasticsearch,s3,twitter

Can I connect Box to my Kafka Cluster? 

Lenses Box is optimized for development and includes a single broker Kafka environment. However, you can connect Lenses against your existing setup. Lenses is compatible with all popular Kafka distributions and clouds.

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Why does my box have topics? 

To make your experience better, we have pre-configured a set of synthetic data generators to get streaming data out of the box. By default the Docker image will launch the data generators; however you can have them off by setting the environment variable -e SAMPLEDATA=0 in the docker run command.

Is box free? 


You will need a free key to operate which will need to be renewed after 6 months.

Is box open source? 

Yes. The docker image is open sourced. View on GitHub