4.1.4 release

4.1.4 release 

This patch applies to those customers running Lenses SQL processors with deployment mode set to Kubernetes or Connect.


  • Log4j CVE-2021-44228 vulnerability: remove log4j 2.x libraries which were bundled with the processors but not used

Each deployment mode requires a different path for upgrading the SQL processors.

Kubernetes upgrade 

Lenses is configured to always pull the latest version for a given SQL processor docker major version:

lenses.kubernetes.pull.policy = "Always"

If the setting was not changed to IfNotPresent here are the steps to follow:

  • Stop all the SQL processors
  • Restart them. This will ensure the latest docker image is pulled.

If the setting has been changed to IfNotPresent then:

  • Set the option lenses.kubernetes.pull.policy to Always and restart Lenses
  • Stop all the SQL processors
  • For each processor:
    • Copy the SQL and the processor id (can be found on the SQL processor detail page under Sql Processor ID)
    • Stop and delete the processor
    • Recreate the processor with the same SQL and setting the Processor ID in the Advance Settings section

Connect upgrade 

When running in Connect mode here are the steps to follow:

  • Get the latest SQL Runner plugin from the customer area
  • Stop all the SQL processors across all the Kafka Connect clusters you have
  • For each Kafka Connect cluster and each worker in those clusters remove the existing SQL processor and upgrade to this version. For details please follow the installation instructions here . You may perform this step in a rolling-restart fashion, upgrading node by node.
  • Restart the SQL Processors