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Custom HTTP

With custom authentication you can plug-in your own authentication system by using HTTP headers.

In this approach your own authentication proxy/code sitting in front of Lenses takes care the authentication and injects appropriate Headers in all HTTP requests for verified users.

Setup a custom authentication layer 

Set up a custom authentication layer by introducing in security.conf:

# Full classpath of customer authentication plugin

Lenses connects similarly to any other application to the infrastructure You can implement a plugin in a few hours in Java/Scala or other JVM technology by implementing one interface:

public interface HttpAuthenticationPlugin {
    UserAndGroups authenticate(HttpRequest request);

The return object UserAndGroups will contain the username and the groups a person authentication belongs to (or raise an exception if no such user exists).

Get started 

The best way to get started is to look into a sample open source implementation of such a plugin in GitHub .

Manage users and groups 

To learn how to use data centric permissions for users and service accounts check the help center .