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Map groups to Lenses 

Groups are case-sensitive and mapped by name with Okta

Integrate your user-groups with Lenses using the Okta group names. Create a group in Lenses using the same case-sensitive group name as in Okta.

For example, if the Engineers group is available in Okta, create a group with the same name:

Okta SAML Kafka user groups

The above group will match all the users in the equivalent Okta group:

Okta SAML user groups

Learn how to set data permissions for users and service accounts using Apache Kafka and Okta .

Setup Okta IdP 

Lenses is available directly in Okta’s Application catalog .

Add application in the Catalog 

  1. Go to Applications > Applications
  2. Click Add Application
  3. Search for Lenses
  4. Select by pressing Add

Okta Lenses

Set General Settings 

  1. App label: Lenses
  2. Set the base url of your lenses installation e.g. https://lenses-dev.example.com
  3. Click Done

Okta general settings Kafka

Download idP XML metadata 

Download the Metadata XML file with the Okta IdP details.

  1. Go to Sign On > Settings > SIGN ON METHODS
  2. Click on Identity Provider metadata and download the XML data to a file.
  3. Reference this file’s path in the security.conf configuration file.

Okta SAML IdP metadata

Learn more about SSO with SAML in Okta documentation.

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