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Adding Connectors to the topology

If you have a custom connector that you want to enable it for the topology view, or a connector not supported out of the box, you will need to set the lenses.connectors.info configuration entry.

Here is how you can configure connectors in order to appear in the topology graph:

lenses {


  connectors.info = [
           class.name = "The connector full classpath"
           name = "The name which will be presented in the UI"
           instance = "Details about the instance. Contains the connector configuration field which holds the information. If  a database is involved it would be  the DB connection details, if it is a file it would be the file path, etc"
           sink = true
           extractor.class = "The full classpath for the implementation knowing how to extract the Kafka topics involved. This is only required for a Source"
           icon = "file.png"
           description = "A description for the connector"
           author = "The connector author"

See option reference.