Kafka Brokers

Creating a Kafka connection 

To create a connection to Kafka see the installation section

Editing Kafka Brokers (connection) settings 

In order to edit your Kafka Brokers connection settings, navigate to Admin, Connections and select your Kafka cluster:


From the top right choose actions and edit:

Edit Broker

Edit the relevant broker properties that you want to make changes to:

Broker properties
Broker properties-2

Test Kafka connection and proceed.

Monitor Kafka Brokers 

You can monitor the broker status by selecting from the left-side menu Services:

Monitor Broker status

Broker decommission 

If you change your Kafka cluster size, or replace an existing Kafka broker with another, Lenses will raise an active alert as it will detect that a broker of your Kafka cluster is no longer available. If the Kafka broker has been intentionally removed, then decommission it:

  1. Navigate to Services.
  2. Select the broker and click on the actions in the options menu and click on the Decommission option.