Schema Registries


What formats does Lenses support and how to access and manage Schema Registry Schemas through the API, CLI and UI

Basic Concepts 

Lenses can interoperate with schema registry implementations that conform to the Confluent REST API (these include, alongside Confluent Schema Rigistry, also Aiven’s Karapace). Once configured, Lenses provides an interface to manage the schemas based on the appropriate permissions. See Docs on how to configure Schema Registry

Lenses schema registry integration is supported only for the following schema formats:

  • AVRO

JSON and XML formats are supported, but without a backing schema registry.

Schema Registry Connection Setup 

In order to connect your Schema Registry with Lenses, select Schema Registry => Create Connection.

Schema Registry Create connection

Fill in your Schema Registry details, click on Test Schema Registry Connection.

You should get a validation message similar to:

Schema Registry Validation

Click on Apply Changes.