License management

License Key 

To run Lenses you need to have a valid license key. The license is a json file which you provide to the app at the startup. When valid, you are good to go. You can update the license key at the runtime.


30 days prior to expiration of your license key, an amber notificaiton will appear to your interface

license notification to

After expiration you have a 5-day graceful period to run Lenses.

Update license 

You can update the license from the UI. Navigate to Admin and License and paste the content of the license file:

license update to

You will get a confirmation once the file is updated successfully.

license success to

API clients 

License management is also supported by the CLI to enable automation scenarios.



Where do I get my license key?

If you are a customer, your license key is available to the customer portal. Contact your account representative for the details.

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