You can create, edit, delete, and alter the connections that can be configured in Lenses. The table below shows the different types of connections that can be configured in Lenses.

awsManage Lenses AWS connections
data-dogManage Lenses DataDog connections
elasticsearchManage Lenses Elasticsearch connections
genericManage any Lenses connection using JSON
glueManage Lenses AWS Glue Schema Registry connections
kafkaManage Lenses Kafka connections
kafka-connectManage Lenses Kafka Connect connections
kerberosManage Lenses Kerberos connections
pager-dutyManage Lenses PagerDuty connections
postgresqlManage Lenses PostgreSQL connections
prometheusManage Lenses PrometheusAlertmanager connections
schema-registryManage Lenses Schema Registry connections
slackManage Lenses Slack connections
splunkManage Lenses Splunk connections
webhookManage Lenses Webhook connections
zookeeperManage Lenses Zookeeper connections

Viewing the connection 

You can access a help menu to see all the connection types, just like the example above.

lenses-cli connections

One example using a Kafka connection type.

lenses-cli connections kafka list

Viewing connection details 

lenses-cli connections kafka get

Creating a connection 

lenses-cli connections slack create myconnection --webhook-url ""

Update a connection 

lenses-cli connections slack update myconnection --webhook-url ""

Delete a connection 

lenses-cli connections slack delete myconnection
Last modified: July 17, 2024