You can create, update, and delete users. The commands for these actions are shown in the table below.

createCreate a user
deleteDelete a user
getObtain the user information
passwordUpdate the user’s password
updateUpdate the user’s group

View all users 

lenses-cli users

Find users by one group or many 

lenses-cli users --groups logviewer

Create a user 

lenses-cli users create \
    --username john \
    --password secretpass \
    --security basic \
    --groups logviewer

You can create a user using a file with the user specifications

lenses-cli users create ./user.yaml

Example file:

username: john
password: secretpass
security: basic
- logviewer

Update a user 

lenses-cli users update \
    --username john \
    --groups logviewer

Delete a user 

lenses-cli users delete --username john

Change password of a user 

lenses-cli users password \
    --username john \
    --secret mynewpassword
Last modified: July 17, 2024