Commands to update various metadata associated to datasets (i.e: Kafka Topic, Elasticsearch Index). The commands for these actions are shown in the table below.

listList the datasets
remove-descriptionRemove the dataset description
remove-tagsRemove the tags associated a dataset
update-descriptionUpdate the description of a dataset
update-tagsUpdate the tags associated a dataset

Update the description of a dataset 

To set a dataset description, use:

lenses-cli dataset update-description \
    --connection="kafka" \
    --name="cc_payments" \
    --description="A Description"

It is also possible to remove the dataset description by supplying the --remove-description flag.

lenses-cli dataset remove-description \
    --connection="kafka" \

Update the dataset tags 

To set one or multiple dataset tags, use:

lenses-cli dataset update-tags \
    --connection="kafka" \
    --name="cc_payments" \
    --tag="tag-1" \
    --tag="tag-2" \

Notice that the --tags parameter is required and should contain a non-empty, space separated list of tags (a tag max length is 255 characters). To delete all the tags associated to a dataset, you can use the remove-tags subcommand:

lenses-cli dataset remove-tags \
    --connection="kafka" \
Last modified: July 17, 2024