SQL snapshot (Explore)

Optimization settings for SQL queries.

lenses.sql.settings.max.sizeRestricts the max bytes that a kafka sql query will returnlong20971520 (20MB)
lenses.sql.settings.max.query.timeMax time (in msec) that a sql query will runint3600000 (1h)
lenses.sql.settings.max.idle.timeMax time (in msec) for a query when it reaches the end of the topicint5000 (5 sec)
lenses.sql.settings.show.bad.recordsBy default show bad records when querying a kafka topicbooleantrue
lenses.sql.settings.format.timestampBy default convert AVRO date to human readable formatbooleantrue
lenses.sql.settings.live.aggsBy default allow aggregation queries on kafka databooleantrue
lenses.sql.sample.defaultNumber of messages to sample when live tailing a kafka topicint2/window
lenses.sql.sample.windowHow frequently to sample messages when tailing a kafka topicint200 msec
lenses.sql.websocket.bufferBuffer size for messages in a SQL queryint10000
lenses.metrics.workersNumber of workers for parallelising SQL queriesint16
lenses.kafka.ws.buffer.sizeBuffer size for WebSocket consumerint10000
lenses.kafka.ws.max.poll.recordsMax number of kafka messages to return in a single poll()long1000
lenses.sql.state.dirFolder to store KStreams state.stringlogs/lenses-sql-kstream-state
lenses.sql.udf.packagesThe list of allowed java packages for UDFs/UDAFsarray of strings["io.lenses.sql.udf"]
Last modified: July 17, 2024