Static configuration

Lenses requires two configuration files - lenses.conf and security.conf. You need to create them before starting Lenses.

lenses.conf contains the main static configuration options, such as Lenses port or storage configuration details. For a complete list of configuration options please refer to Options reference.

security.conf contains sensitive authentication configuration options.

Lenses docker image and Helm charts create these files automatically at startup.

The configuration format is HOCON - a superset of JSON and properties files. For more information, please check the HOCON design document.

Basic configuration 

A quick start example of lenses.conf looks like:

lenses.ip =
lenses.port = 9991

# Directory for local storage (write access needed) - preserve between upgrades = "/var/lib/lenses/storage"

# PostgreSQL configuration (H2 storage might be used as well,
# see more under `Persistent storage` = db_host = db_user = db_password = db_name

A quick start example security.conf looks like:

# A single admin user = "admin" = "password"